What Are Some Free Online Courses for Adults?

What Are Some Free Online Courses for Adults?

Free online courses for adults include the various courses offered on edX and Coursera. These websites partner with educational institutions such as MIT and Harvard and offer courses ranging from computer science to languages.

Although free open-source college course platforms do not usually offer free courses for credit, they can be great ways to learn new skills and expand knowledge. There is a wide variety of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, available.

One such website is edX, which runs through a partnership between Harvard and MIT. Both institutions offer courses through the platform; however, several other schools contribute course material. EdX offers courses in subjects such as architecture, social sciences, math, law, literature and engineering.

Coursera is another large website dedicated to online learning. Most of its courses consist of video lectures, quizzes and short assignments. Most assignments are peer-reviewed as a means of offering additional feedback for free.

Several universities also run their own free online course platforms. Stanford, UC Berkeley, Duke, UCLA, Yale, Harvard and MIT are all examples of elite institutions that provide free course material through their websites.

Apple offers a free course platform through iTunes. Students can access course materials in the iTunes application. These materials include video, audio, presentations and books.