What Online Colleges Offer Physical Education Degrees?

What Online Colleges Offer Physical Education Degrees?

As of February 2015, Kaplan University, Argosy University, and the University of Nebraska at Kearney all offer degrees in Physical Education. Before considering online classes, it should be noted that physical educators need a bachelor’s degree and a valid teaching certificate the states they plan on teaching in.

Kaplan University offers an MSc in Health Education degree which focuses on the principles of nutrition, prevention, complimentary health care, and explores being mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. They also offer a BS in nutritional science which explores the effects of nutrition and diets on the body and mind.

Argosy University's MA in Sports Exercise Psychology has lessons pertaining to managing personal health, healthy eating habits, exercise science terminology, fitness anatomy and physiology, flexibility training and injury prevention, and stress management techniques.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's MA in Physical Education course teaches candidates how to design conditioning and personal training programs, create specific nutrition menus, and offer fitness assessments.

Additionally, a bachelor’s degree and a valid teaching certificate are required for graduates to take up teaching positions. Teaching certificates are state specific, which means that moving from one state to another requires taking another certification exam. For those without a physical education degree, it is possible to work at a school under a conditional contract that stipulates the extra education the candidate must acquire and the timescales that must be adhered to.