What Online Colleges Give You a Free Laptop?


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Two colleges that offer both 100 percent online degree programs and free laptops to students include CollegeAmerica, Independence University Online and St. John's University. Other schools that provide free laptops to students include Bethel University, Northwest Missouri State University, Wake Forest University and many others. Providing students with free laptops to use while at the university increases student success by ensuring that students have the tools needed to succeed.

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Nearly all universities today have at least one degree program that can be completed entirely online, so students searching for a college that will give them a free laptop should also investigate traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

Some colleges provide a laptop to students that they will own after graduation, but others simply loan the laptop to the student, and it must be returned upon graduation. Students who do not graduate, fall out of adequate academic standing or face disciplinary procedures by the college may lose their privileges and be required to return the computer.

Many schools also have agreements with computer manufacturers that allow students to purchase laptops at a deep discount, so it is important to look at the overall cost and merits of a school and not settle on one strictly for the free computer. Some schools may charge higher tuition to make up for the cost of the laptop.

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