What Online Classes Does San Bernardino Valley College Offer?

San Bernardino Valley College offers online classes in a variety of academic disciplines including economics, anthropology, religious studies, physical sciences and philosophy. The college also offers some online honors courses, which provide more demanding coursework, and some hybrid classes, which have both online and in-person components.

San Bernardino Valley College's online economics classes cover both macroeconomic and microeconomic topics. Macroeconomics deals with financial institutions, international and national economic issues, and economic growth. Microeconomics focuses on environmental regulation and the movement of public goods.

Anthropology courses focus on cultural, biological and visual anthropology, as well as religion and mythology. For example, the Biological Anthropology course considers humanity from a scientific perspective, and students learn about genetics, fossils and primatology. Magic, Witchcraft and Religion exposes students to shamanism and other religious and spiritual practices of a variety of cultural groups.

The college's religious studies courses examine mythology, death, the Bible and American religions. The Religion in America course focuses on slave religions, Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and modern African-American religion.

San Bernardino Valley College's online course in physical sciences, Introduction to the Development of Modern Science, takes a look at the history of science and its development since the Scientific Revolution.

Philosophy courses focus on ethics, writing, argument and death. Critical Thinking and Writing considers reasoning and argument, and students develop philosophical understanding by writing argumentative essays and reports.