What Are Some Online Classes Offered by the University of Scranton?

What Are Some Online Classes Offered by the University of Scranton?

As of 2015 the University of Scranton offers online courses on managerial economics, healthcare organization and administration, introduction to health informatics, and integrated enterprise management systems. Most of the online classes are part of several continuing education certification and graduate degree programs.

As of 2015, all of the online degree programs require taking certain foundation classes. Managerial economics is one of six foundation courses in the master's degree program for accountancy. The 30-credit-hour program takes roughly 10 months to complete, and it includes four electives spread over 12 credits, such as international account and occupational fraud.

Foundation courses for the master's degree in healthcare organization and administration include healthcare financial management, healthcare statistics and research methods, human resources management, leadership in healthcare organizations and administrative issues. The program is 47 credit hours long and requires at least 150 hours of fieldwork experience to complete. Fieldwork experience corresponds to another three-credit class, which is an internship in health administration.

Foundation courses for the health informatics master's degree help ground students in both disciplines simultaneously. Computer information technology for health professionals is a central class, and core classes include principles of computer science and software development, healthcare knowledge for health informatics, public policy for health informatics, and the health informatics capstone course.

The supply chain management program culminates in a certificate of completion. The continuing education program prepares undergraduates or graduate business majors. The program requires 12 credits, takes about a year to complete and encompasses such classes as quality management, operations management and management science.