What Online Classes Does Laney College Offer?


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Examples of online classes that Laney College offers as of 2016 are Introduction to Art History, Introduction to African American Studies, Managerial Accounting, Introduction to Computer Programming and Introduction to Physical Anthropology. Students take these classes when studying art, African American studies, business, computer information systems and anthropology.

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Laney College is one of four colleges that comprise the Peralta Community College District, which is located in Oakland, California. The online classes that are available to the students of Laney College are located on the Distance Education website of Peralta Community College District. These classes are offered through the website Moodle, which is an all-in-one educational platform that features collaborative tools like forums, chats and blogs that both students and instructors can utilize.

For Laney College students to enroll in online classes, they must complete an online application for Peralta Community College. Students should look at the required prerequisites for courses before enrollment because they may impact their ability to sign up. There are some hybrid online courses available which involve both online and in-person components. For every online class, Peralta Community College's website provides the name of the instructors and their email addresses, which gives students an opportunity to ask questions about courses before enrolling in them.

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