What Online Classes Does the Colorado Technical University Virtual Campus Offer?

As of 2015, some online classes offered by the Colorado Technical University virtual campus are in financial accounting, business law, operations management, management principles in healthcare and cost accounting. These are some classes needed in degree programs that can include accounting, business administration and health administration management. However, there are other classes offered for other degree programs such as information technology, criminal justice, psychology, nursing and computer science.

The Colorado Technical University virtual campus provides more than 100 different degree programs at different undergraduate and graduate levels and field concentration areas. Three online degree programs that lead to an associate degree are in the areas of business and management and health care. One program leads to an associate of science degree in accounting, while the others lead to an associate of science degree in either business administration or health administration services. Some courses required for an associate degree in accounting are Business Law 1, Introduction to Tax and Accounting I, II and III.

Similarly, there are 39 degree programs leading to a bachelor's of science degree in specialization areas of business and management such as finance, international business and human resources management. A few classes offered in the degree program for international business can include International Finance and Legal Operations in International Business.

There also are online master's and doctoral degree programs. For example, there are master of science degrees in fields such as criminal justice and computer science. Two classes required for a master of science degree in criminal justice are Issues of Diversity in Criminal Justice and Criminology and Public Policy.