What Online Classes Does Apex Learning Offer?

As of 2015, Apex Learning offers math, English, science, world languages, social studies, career, technical education and elective courses online; however, availability varies by state. These online courses can be used to recover credits, take advanced coursework or simply earn standard high school credits.

Apex Learning's online classes are grouped into honors, Advanced Placement, Literacy Advantage and core courses, with honors and Advanced Placement courses taking the most hours to complete, notes WA.us. These courses use diagnostic assessments for individualized instruction along with additional assessments to analyze student progress.

Depending on the state, some of Apex Learning's online math courses might include algebra I and II, general mathematics, liberal arts math, personal finance, calculus, statistics and pre-calculus. Some online science courses are chemistry, Earth science, science foundations, biology, physics and ecology, while some English courses are American literature, English I through IV and English foundations. Social studies courses include state history, world history, geography and United States history. Students who want to study world languages can choose from French, German, Latin, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese online courses as of 2015.

Those seeking electives can choose from courses such as art appreciation, physical education, financial literacy, creative writing and psychology. Career and technical education options include courses in information technology applications, business marketing, health sciences and business applications.