Are Online Bachelor's Degrees As Good As Traditional Degrees?


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An online bachelor’s degree is as good as a traditional one if you attend a college that offers both online and well-established residential programs, according to geteducated.com. Your degree carries less stigma if an employer knows your college and respects the quality of its graduates.

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Online degree holders can land jobs as readily as those with traditional degrees, but choosing the right program can make a difference, says fortune.com. If you enroll in a college that is 300 miles or more from where you live or does not have a campus, or if your program is not regionally accredited, be prepared to discuss these issues with potential employers.

To garner respect for an online-only degree program, potential employers should know that, according to the U.S. Department of Education, online learning is more difficult than traditional learning because it requires more discipline, personal motivation and perseverance. Job seekers should also emphasize their time management, self-motivation and collaboration skills.

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