How Do You Take Online Arabic Classes?

How Do You Take Online Arabic Classes?

To take online Arabic classes, search for appropriate classes, determine the computer requirements, register for the desired course, and complete the required coursework. Students have the option to take Arabic classes for college credit, such as those offered at Brigham Young University, or noncredit classes for free such as those offered by Dalarna University, notes

Use the following steps to take an online Arabic class at Brigham Young University.

  1. Visit the school's website
  2. Go to the Brigham Young University website at for its Independent Study program of online classes. Choose Course Catalog from the Courses drop-down menu.

  3. Choose the course
  4. Enter "Arabic" into the search box to filter the list by Arabic classes. Choose the desired class; Arabic 101: First Year Arabic is one example available as of 2015.

  5. Review the computer requirements
  6. Review the computer requirements to ensure that they are met before purchasing the course. For example, Arabic 101 requires a headset, speakers, microphone and printer access.

  7. Register for the course
  8. Complete the registration process to register and pay for the course.

  9. Complete the requirements
  10. Complete the requirements to finish the course. For example, Arabic 101 has 20 lessons as of 2015, notes All coursework must be submitted online. Students must also view weekly live broadcasts and meet online with an Arabic-speaking mentor.