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Online reading tests offered by the Accelerated Reader program work by allowing students access to reading comprehension tests that assess progress in an individualized reading program. A student reads a book and then takes an online test to answer content questions about what she has read.

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To use the Accelerated Reader programs, a student takes a pre-test of independent reading comprehension skills at the beginning of the school year. This pre-test helps to identify an appropriate starting reading level for each student.

The program assigns reading ranges and selects books grouped within a certain reading range. Students read these books at their own pace, taking online tests about what they have read after completing the reading. Students earn points based on the levels and the lengths of the books and collect percentages of book points based on the percentages of test questions answered correctly.

Test scores indicate if the reading material is too difficult, meaning that the student should select a book at the lower end of the reading level. If a student consistently scores well on a test in a reading level, then he may choose to move to the next reading range of books at a higher level.

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