How Does One Write a Travelogue?

one-write-travelogue Credit: Celin Serbo/Aurora/Getty Images

Write a travelogue as a factual report about a particular destination, or write it as a narrative story with a more subjective point of view and personal experiences. Many elements enhance a travelogue, including historical facts, local customs, transportation information, prices, descriptions of different sights and monuments, and personal impressions.

To make the writing easier and ensure that nothing is forgotten, record facts about the site and any observations about it while at the destination. Photographs provide reminders about particular sights or activities. If the photographs are a mix of sights and details of local life, they bring a place to life.

According to Academic Help, before writing a travelogue, decide what the objective of the piece is, identify the audience, choose the best writing style and decide what photographs are to be included. Once the objective is clear, and the photographs have been selected, make an outline of the travelogue. When the outline is satisfactory, write the travelogue.

Remember to include detailed descriptions, explanations of photographs, facts about the locations and personal experiences. The writer functions as the reader's five senses when seeking to bring a location to life. Personal impressions and thoughts animate a travelogue and give the reader a real feeling of what the place is like.