How Does One Write a Thank You Note for Guest Speakers?

In writing a thank you note to a guest speaker, address and format it appropriately, refer specifically to elements of the speech, and close with an affirmation of the relationship and a final expression of appreciation. Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible after the event.

  1. Address and format the thank you note properly

    If the guest speaker spoke in a formal, business setting, the thank you note should be formal, using a formal address and imprinted business letterhead. If the speech was made in an informal setting, a handwritten thank you note or even an email is acceptable.

  2. Refer to the speech with specifics

    Mention specific points from the guest speaker's talk that you found particularly inspiring, illuminating or challenging. Reference the guest speaker's speaking style if it was especially effective; if it was not, then just thank her for her time and mention the meaningful topic she chose. Mention any positive or flattering quotes you heard from others who attended the speech. Point out any way in which you personally benefited from hearing this speech.

  3. Express appreciation

    Close your thank you note by repeating your thanks and expressing appreciation to the guest speaker for taking time out of her day to speak to your group.