How Does One Write a Business Tender Letter?

A business tender letter is a business-to-business letter written to bid on a particular job. A business tender letter should discuss why one's company offers the best value and how it expects to meet the client's needs or solve his problems. A business tender letter should clarify the originating company's goals and strengths to the potential client.

Business tender letters show why the company offering the tender is right for a particular job. Formal tenders for supply contracts or large jobs are often spread out over a period of time and may require more than one tender letter. Business owners expect to clearly understand the offering company's past achievements, credentials and experience relevant to their project, all of which should be included in a tender letter.

Business owners considering a tender letter also look for specific estimates on cost and the duration of the project. In some cases, a business tender letter includes a specific quote for products or services. The tender letter should also explain who is going to manage the project, who the team members are, what potential problems might arise and how any problems can be handled. Business tenders often become public information once they are in the hands of the potential client, which means anyone may read them, even business competitors.