How Does One Summarize a Paragraph?

Summarizing a paragraph involves reading the paragraph, underlining the main points, writing the summary and revising the final copy. The purpose is to give the original meaning of the paragraph without rewriting it.

Step 1: Read the paragraph

Read the whole paragraph without underlining or making any marks. This is important in getting the main idea of the paragraph. Note the main point after reading the text.

Step 2: Underline the main points

Read the text again while underlining the main points. Do not include details, such as examples, explanations and descriptions. Ensure only the main phrases and words are underlined and not complete sentences.

Step 3: Write and revise the copy

Using the points you underlined, create complete sentences to write your summary. Do not include anything that is not important. Conclude your summary with a statement that portrays the writer's point of view. Read through the summary and make any necessary changes.