How Does One Make a Tornado in a Box?

How Does One Make a Tornado in a Box?

How Does One Make a Tornado in a Box?

Making a tornado in a box is a process that takes about one hour and uses a copier paper box, a box cutter, clear plastic, black paint, a food storage container, dry ice and a small computer fan. Once the box is prepared, attach the plastic to the front window on the box, place warm water and dry ice in the food storage container, attach the fan to the top of the box, and turn on the fan.

  1. Prepare the box

    Cut a large viewing window in the lid of the copier paper box and lengthwise vents in each of the longest sides of the box. Paint the inside of the box black. Cut a square in one of the ends of the box, about 3 inches by 3 inches. Put the lid on the box, and stand the box upright with the cut-out square on the top.

  2. Attach the plastic

    Tape the clear plastic across the viewing window in the front of the box. Be careful not to cover any of the vents with the plastic or the tape.

  3. Utilize dry ice

    Place a small food storage container in the bottom of the box, and fill it with warm water and dry ice. Be sure to wear appropriate gloves when handling dry ice.

  4. Create the tornado with a fan

    Attach a small computer fan to the top of the box in the cut-out square. Turn on the fan to create the tornado.