Once Research Is Completed, What Are the Next Steps to Success?


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After completing research, some steps that can help ensure success are to make a plan for how to organize the information and to break the project down into small actionable milestones. The steps, and the order in which to execute them, can vary depending on the specific project at hand.

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When creating a report or presentation, an important next step is condensing research down to certain key points that should be included. It can be used this to create an outline or plan for how the finished product will look. For example, for a presentation in the form of a slideshow, it can help to decide how many individual slides will be shown and what information will be included on each slide. For a writing project, writers need to determine what information is most compelling and consider opening the report with it in order to engage readers. It's important to make sure to carefully review any instructions given to ensure that the project meets all requirements.

It is also important to keep track of resources to provide citations to back up any claims made. This is also an imperative step to creating a successful finished product in case the writer needs to refer back to resolve any conflicts in information, or to answer follow-up questions. An important final step is to edit and revise so that the finished product is free of errors and unnecessary content. If possible, the writer can have someone else proofread or preview the project.

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