What Are the Best Old Songs From Nepali?


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Classic Nepali songs that can be considered some of the best include "Euta Manche Ko" by Narayan Gopal, "Ukali Orali" by Tara Devi, "Asarai Mahinama" by Chujan Dukpa, "Eh Kanchha Malai" by Aruna Lama, "Mohani Lagla Hai" by Narayan Gopal and Asha Bhosle and "Jati Maya Laye" by Arun Thapa, as noted on nepali-unicode.com. As of 2015, videos for these songs are found online at sites such as YouTube.com.

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"Euta Manche Ko" is one of Narayan Gopal's best known songs, notes nepali-unicode.com. The old song is part of the tragedy song genre sound in Nepal. Tara Devi, known as the "nightingale of Nepal" often sang patriotic songs about her country. Her clear voice can be heard on "Ukali Orali." Another song that fits the tragedy song genre is "Asarai Mahinama" by Chujan Dukpa. In this song, a man sings about the time he spent with his family, who he had to leave behind to work in the city. "Mohani Lagla Hai" by Narayan Gopal and Asha Bhosle became popular due to being featured in the move "Chino."

Other timeless Nepali songs include "Aage Aage Topaiko Gola" by Danny Denzongpa and Asha Bhosle, "Kusume Rumal" by Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa Jha, "Gajalu Ti Thula Thula Akha" by Gulam Ali and "Deurali Ukali" by Saroj Gopal, notes nepali-unicode.com.

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