What Are Some Office Administration Courses?

What Are Some Office Administration Courses?

Communication skills, public speaking, business writing, team dynamics and organizational leadership are some office administration courses. These particular types of courses are fairly standard, though there is no universal core of common office administration courses.

Some communication courses focus on the verbal skills that are necessary for effective office administration. Students learn how to demonstrate tact and diplomacy under diverse circumstances, while employing a variety of media.

Occasionally, public speaking strategies coincide with a communication skills course or stand as a separate course under the communications heading. The emphasis is more on audience analysis, mastering presentational aids and related technology, critical listening and delivery.

In business writing courses, students learn to gather, organize, draft and revise information for impact, brevity and clarity. They also acquire techniques to help them thrive in information-based environments where memos, emails, charts and letters are a vital, daily currency.

The major learning objectives of a team dynamics course include recruiting and developing talent, understanding business ethics, arranging group business excursions and conferences, and facilitating in-house team activities. In some instances, basic office procedures are included as part of the team dynamics course.

Team dynamics courses are sometimes offered simultaneously with organizational leadership courses, which pay closer attention to human resources, team-building, project management and leadership style.