How Do You Obtain McGraw-Hill Teacher Edition Books?

To obtain McGraw-Hill teacher edition books, you must first acquire a Master Code from the school or district in which you are employed. Next, visit Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's home page to set up an account.

To prevent students and others from gaining access to teacher edition books and materials that can then be used to cheat or help others cheat, a Master Code from the school a teacher is employed by is required. This code will allow the teacher to create a teacher account on MCgraw-Hill's ConnectED website where she can access the library of textbooks available. To create an account, one must register on the website as a teacher, search for the school by Zip code and then locate it in the database search results. Once the new account has been created and verified, the user can log in and redeem the Master Code she was provided by the school. From a teacher can find the exact books and supplemental materials needed for the state, grade level and subject she teaches.

The teacher can also provide content to students by generating a Student Redemption Code within the teacher's account. With this code, the student can create an account and add content directly from the teacher's curriculum to their own personal ConnectED account.