How Do You Obtain a List of Graduates From a College?


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To find a list of graduates from a particular college, contact the registrar’s office at the college and request a graduation list. The registrar may offer to mail or email the list, or the registrar may ask you to come by the registrar’s office to pick up a copy of its graduation list. Often, colleges and universities publish lists of graduates on their websites with instant access for the general public or offer downloadable graduation lists.

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Another option to find a list of graduates from a particular college is to contact the local newspapers in the college’s location. Many newspapers cover annual graduations and offer college graduation lists or can help you look up a list of graduate names from previous years.

To verify that a person graduated from college, ask for a physical copy of the person’s credential. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act makes it illegal for colleges to release educational records without the student’s consent, with the exception of schools where the student wishes to transfer or certain auditors. Another way to verify the student’s graduation from college is to ask the student to provide a letter from a college adviser or other official to confirm that he graduated.

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