How Does Oak Hill Elementary School Compare Against Other Local Schools?


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According to LedgerData.com, the district average grade for Orange County Public Schools in 2014 was a B, while Oak Hill Elementary School's grade was a C. Additionally, the district average of FCAT points earned was 509, and Oak Hill Elementary School earned 443 points. Nearby schools Metrowest Elementary and OrloVista Elementary earned A and D grades, respectively. This data suggests that, as of 2014, Oak Hill performs slightly below average compared to most, but not all, other local elementary schools.

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A breakdown of Oak Hill Elementary's FCAT scores in 2014 reports that students earned 47 points in reading, 62 points in math, 35 points in writing, and 46 points in science. These scores are at or all below average compared to the respective district scores of 59, 62, 59, and 60. The aforementioned nearby elementary school Metrowest Elementary outperformed Oak Hill Elementary in all four subject areas in the 2014 FCAT, while Orlo Vista Elementary underperformed in all four subject areas.

On GreatSchools.org, Oak Hill Elementary holds a rating of four out of ten, lower than MetroWest's eight of ten but higher than Orlo Vista's one out of ten. Some other nearby schools listed on GreatSchools.org include West Oaks Elementary, William Fragnus Elementary, and Pine Hills Elementary. Oak Hill Elementary's four out of ten rating is lower than all of these schools' ratings.

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