What Is on the Nursing Entrance Exam Test?

What Is on the Nursing Entrance Exam Test?

The Nursing Entrance Test, or NET, consists of six parts, including reading rate, reading comprehension, comprehensive math exam, stress level exam. The other three sections assess the test taker's exam-taking skills, learning style and social interaction.

There are 30 questions in the reading comprehension section, and the students have 60 minutes to answer them. The students are tested on how well they can draw logical conclusions, identify the author’s intent, make predictions and evaluate the use of text structure to solve problems. Students should also be able to identify the characteristics of a passage types and find specific information from different types of written sources.

The mathematics section includes 50 questions, and the students have 50 minutes to answer them. Students are tested on how well they can operate with fractions, decimals, percent and ratios, solve word and simple algebra problems, convert decimals, percent, roman numerals and fractions. Students should be able to perform basic math operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and analyze and interpret tables, graphs and charts.

Some schools include an English language section in their exams. It includes 50 questions that must be answered in 50 minutes. Students are tested on their knowledge of English grammar, English usage, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure.

All six sections are required; however, the candidate’s eligibility is assessed based on only two of them. The minimum reading comprehension score is 55, and the minimum comprehensive math score is 65.