What Nursing Courses Does CE Direct Offer?

What Nursing Courses Does CE Direct Offer?

Some nursing courses that Continuing Education (CE) Direct offers include fitness, nutrition, occupational therapy, social work and physical therapy. More than 700 hospitals and health systems use these courses to impart educational knowledge to their employees, states CE Direct.

Some of the benefits of CE Direct education include increase in team efficiency, reduction in turnover, employee retention and boosting productivity, notes CE Direct. There are numerous nursing courses that this organization provides.

Occupational therapy refers to the assessment and treatment of individuals with mental, physical or cognitive disorders. This course helps students learn how to take care of people who face long-term illnesses.

Social work is a professional and academic discipline that aims at improving the quality of life and well being of individuals in the society. Some of the issues covered under this course include planning, crisis intervention, social welfare and direct practice.

Physical therapy is a course that equips learners to handle patients who have physical impairments of mobility difficulties. The course equips learners with the knowledge on how to make such patient's lives more comfortable. Students who complete this course are certified as physical therapists. Other courses offered by CE Direct include massage therapy, emergency medical services and athletic training.