How Does a Nurse Become a Doctor?

How Does a Nurse Become a Doctor?

How Does a Nurse Become a Doctor?

There is no career path linking the roles of nurse and doctor, or physician, so registered nurses are required to follow the traditional medical school route in order to qualify. While some nurses earn the title of "doctor" by gaining a doctorate in nursing, others may wish to take the more orthodox steps of applying to medical school.

Consider the following steps when deciding to go from being a nurse to a doctor.

Step 1: Take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Allow a minimum of 3 months for study time, and plan to take the test well in advance of applying to medical school.

Step 2: Submit the primary application

This consists of the personal essay, recommendations, activity list and academic history. Be sure to submit it early through the American Medical College Application Service. Schools may request secondary applications and further information.

Step 3: Prepare for an interview

This will often include ensuring that travel and accommodation expenses can be met. Interviews are usually held between October and January.

Step 4: Keep schools up to date

Be sure to inform schools of any major achievements or experiences that take place during the interim period between attending the interview and awaiting their decision.

Step 5: Prepare for the decision

It is common for medical schools to inform successful applicants of their acceptance long after their interview, so do not be disheartened at hearing receiving no further contact.