How Do You Find Free Nurse Assistant Training?


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Find free nurse assistant training by contacting local hospitals or medical institutions. Some of these institutions offer free nurse assistant training courses for individuals who are hired as interns. Although free nurse assistant training is available through certain online websites, many of these courses are not accredited and students do not receive credit for the course upon completion.

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Although the exact cost of nurse assistant training varies widely depending on the school, as of 2015, the average cost to attend in-state nurse assistant training was around $2,000. Students may encounter other costs in addition to tuition, such as vaccination costs, textbook fees and technology fees. Financial aid for nurse assistant courses is available for students who demonstrate need. Students can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, to apply for funding. The government may provide aid in the form of grants, scholarships and loans.

Nurse assistant training teaches students basic skills that they can use to care for patients in nursing homes or hospitals. Some of these skills include taking patients' vital signs, helping patients perform range of motion activities, and bathing and dressing patients. The training courses also help students become valuable and adaptable employees by teaching communication and teamwork skills.

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