What Are Some Nouns That Begin With the Letter "A"?

What Are Some Nouns That Begin With the Letter "A"?

NounsStarting lists many nouns that begin with the letter "A," such as adobe, afghan, albacore, anomaly and asparagus. The list of nouns is in alphabetical order, and is further divided according to category, such as Animals, Food, Places, and Plants.

Some animals that begin with "A" are alligator, alpaca, anaconda, anteater and ape. An alpaca is similar to a llama. An anaconda is a type of snake.

Popular foods beginning with "A" include almonds, apples, apricots, artichokes and avocados. An artichoke is a vegetable that consists of a cluster of flower blooms, before the flowers appear.

Some common objects that begin with "A" are abacus, accordion, airplane, apron and arrow. An abacus is a manual calculator consisting of disks arranged on thin dowels in a rectangular frame. An accordion is a musical instrument similar to a bellows, with a keyboard on one side.

Plants beginning with "A" include acacia, alder, alfalfa, aloe and azalea. Acacia and alder are trees, but acacia also fits the description of a shrub. Alfalfa is known for its use as feed for livestock. Aloe is a succulent plant that's helpful in the healing of surface wounds. Azaleas have beautiful pink flowers.

Many places begin with "A" as well, such as Aberdeen, Acapulco, Afghanistan, Alabama and Albuquerque.