What Does "noticias Repretel En Vivo" Mean?


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The English translation of the Spanish phrase "noticias Repretel en vivo" is "Repretel News live." This phrase can be used on the Spanish language news channel, Repretel, which is broadcast in Costa Rica.

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The phrase "noticias Repretel en vivo" can be broken down into four words. "Noticias" is a noun which means "news" or "news item." For example, "Las noticias de hoy" means "today's news." The word "en" means "in" and the word "vivo" means "alive" or "live." Repretel is the name of the media company.

Repretel was founded in 1993 by Angela Gonzalez and has headquarters in both Costa Rica and Miami, Florida. As of March 2015, its main channel, Channel 6, broadcasts a variety of programs, plus news and sports. Channel 11 is its live news radio channel.

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