What Are Some Notable Catholic Universities?

What Are Some Notable Catholic Universities?

Notable Catholic universities include the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University and Boston College. Others include College of the Holy Cross, Villanova University and St. John's University.

The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842 by French priest Edward Sorin. The school was destroyed by fire in 1879 and to rebuild it, Father Sorin employed 300 people and worked them through the summer. At the time of its founding, Notre Dame never had a student body larger than 12 students. Today, Notre Dame is one of the most respected schools in the United States, notes Best Colleges.

Georgetown University is located in Washington, DC. Founded in 1789, Georgetown builds its curriculum around faith and services and strives to prepare students for the real world upon graduation. Georgetown is the country's oldest Catholic university.

Boston College is a research institution that encourages its students to study abroad. The school was founded in 1863 and at that time, only 22 students enrolled. Today, Boston College is well known for its research studies and prides itself on its diversity.

Located in Queens, New York, St. John's University was founded in 1870 and its goal is to educate students through service. St. John's has campuses in Rome, Paris and Staten Island and its facilities are furnished with state of the art equipment.

Villanova University is a liberal arts college that has been around since 1842. The college boasts a graduation rate of 90 percent, and this Roman Catholic college is very selective when it comes to admittance. Villanova students provide more than 220,000 hours of community service each year.