What Are Some Night College Courses?

Some examples of night college courses include personal enrichment courses in art, writing and astronomy and degree completion coursework in areas like nursing, math and business. These courses usually take place after 5 p.m., and they may be entirely on campus or blended with online assignments, suggests Columbia College. Evergreen State College in Washington, Columbia College in Missouri and Emory University in Georgia are three examples of colleges with night courses.

Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, offers these courses through its evening and weekend studies program. As of 2015, some examples of course options include those in abnormal psychology, audio recording, mosaic art, employment law, drawing, writing, woodworking, film studies, teacher education, personality theory, statistics, Spanish, anthropology, marketing, astronomy and photography. The school also offers some of its senior seminars in the night course format.

Located in Columbia, Missouri, Columbia College has undergraduate night courses through its night campus. Course offerings, as of 2015, might include accounting, biology, systems analysis, chemistry, English composition, algebra, college success strategies, child psychology, classroom behavioral management, surgical nursing, marketing principles, calculus, business communication, military science, business ethics and literature.

Emory University, located in Atlanta, has personal enrichment courses to take at night. These are in topics like acrylic painting, business management, decorating basics, financial success, investing, time management, landscape painting and design principles.