What Are Some Nicknames Other Than Grandma?


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Some nicknames other than Grandma include Nana, MeMaw, Granmom, Gammy and Bubbie. Grandchildren can choose from many nicknames for their grandparents in several different styles, including traditional, trendy, playful and international.

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What Are Some Nicknames Other Than Grandma?
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A grandparent is the parent of a parent. The term "grandparent" derives from the Anglo-French "graund" and dates back to the 13th century. Since every child has up to four grandparents it is natural that they may not want to call both grandmothers or both grandfathers by the same name. Some grandmothers may not like the connotation carried by the prefix "grand" (an implication of old age) and may prefer something more neutral, such as Birdie, Mummers, Momsy or Foxy. Other grandmothers might have been born in another country before immigrating to the U.S. and might appreciate being called a nickname in their native language. For example, Abuela in Spanish, Bubbe in Yiddish, Ya in Thai or Yaya in Greek. This is especially relevant if one set of grandparents comes from a different country than the other.

Grandchildren also have the option of customizing the existing Grandma nickname by adding on to the end the grandmother in question's first name, such as "Grandma Lisa" or "Grandma Betty". If great-grandparents are still around, there is even more incentive to come up with a good nickname since great-grandma is somewhat clunky to say.

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