What are some nicknames for a grandmother?


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Some traditional nicknames for a grandmother are Grandma, Granny, Grams, Gramma, and Nana. There are also trendy nicknames, like Ama, Granan, Mammi, Mammoo, Noma and Onie. Some playful grandmother nicknames are: GoMa, Grimmi, Jamma, Mommo and Nooni.

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What are some nicknames for a grandmother?
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There are nicknames for grandmothers that evolve from a child's inability to pronounce a name, such as Ammo or Bamaw (for grandma) or Budna (for grandmother). Some grandmothers' nicknames come from family circumstances, such as Bella, or Beautiful in Italian, for a grandmother possibly feeling that a more traditional nickname makes her feel old. Some international names for a grandmother include Bomma (Flemish), Savta (Hebrew) and Avo (Portuguese).

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