What Are Some Nice Words to Say to Make People Feel Comfortable?


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One basic way to make people feel comfortable is for a person to say "thank you," according to Forbes. The simple phrase helps to create a sense of goodwill between two parties. Another simple phrase is saying "please," making individuals feel they are doing you a favor and not following orders.

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Another phrase for someone to help others feel comfortable is "I trust your judgment." This phrase gives the individual hearing it permission to do what he desires and instills confidence in him because he knows the speaker has confidence in him and his decisions. This uplifting phrase, therefore, inspires loyalty.

One surprising way for a person to make others comfortable is to admit when he doesn't know something. Most individuals are filled with fear over not having all of the answers that they seek. A person willing to be the first to admit they do not know something is able to start a dialogue over shared fears with a peer.

Another way for someone to ease those around him is to ask, "how else can I help you?" This opens the conversational door for someone who had wished to discuss more than one topic. It also makes the speaker seem very humble and human, making listeners more likely to identify with him.

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