What Is the New York State 5-Hour Prelicensing Course?

The New York State 5-hour prelicensing course is a program that is required for anyone who wants to obtain their drivers' license for the first time. The class takes 5 hours to complete and covers a wide selection of information that a person needs to know to take their final exam for getting a license.

The 5-hour course covers different details that each driver should know before obtaining a license. A number of driving schools offer this course for a nominal fee and offer information about the different driving requirements. Most courses will have both lectures and films that highlight the rules of the road. In addition to the class work, the instructors can answer questions related to the information. Another reason for completing this course is the MV-278 certificate that a person needs before they schedule their road test. The state of New York requires that a person complete this certificate before they schedule the road test, because it proves the individual has already passed the course. The drivers' license office usually asks for the certificate number so that they can verify the identity of the individual applying for the test. They also need to verify that the certificate was issued by a company qualified to offer the course.