What Are Some New and Creative Baby Names?


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As of 2015, a few new and creative baby names are Allegra, an Italian word that means happy, Cadence, a music term that describes rhythm, and Riordan, an Irish name that means "little royal poet." A few more creative names are Sebastian, Memphis and River.

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What Are Some New and Creative Baby Names?
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Another newly popular and creative baby name is Ansel. It is a German name that means "God's protection" and was the name of famous photographer Ansel Adams. The name Auden is reminiscent of English-born poet W.H. Auden and is similar to Autumn or Audrey. A name that has some cultural history and is unique is Calliope, who was a muse in Greek poetry. Some possible nicknames are Callie or Poppy, which are also playful and unique.

Music lovers might choose a name like Axl or Hendrix, which is a variation on the name Henry. The name Lyric is more feminine and is a music and poetic term describing the words that make up the art form. Monet is both an artist and musical name, and it is a softer version of the name Mona. Piper is a unisex name and means "one who plays the pipe." A very unique but newly popular name is Story. Another variation of that name with a completely different meaning is Stormy but both can be used for either a male or a female baby.

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