What Are Some Negative Effects of Homeschooling?

Negative effects of homeschooling include possible impaired development of social skills, financial hardship due to schooling expenses, and the loss of a second household income. The strain that taking on the role of teaching brings to the relationship between parents and their children may also have a negative impact.

Homeschooling may lead to difficulties with social skills for children. While the issues of socialization that are a part of the public or private school system are no longer a problem for them, homeschooled children no longer have access to the lessons about interaction that come from attending school with other children. Putting together excursions to libraries, parks, malls, church and interacting with neighbors may not be enough to help children learn to interact successfully with their peers. Homeschooling parents have to expend more effort to ensure their children receive those opportunities.

Many parents who decide to homeschool end up sacrificing a second income, as one parent must stay home to teach the children. Additionally, the curriculum expenses associated with even the most reasonable courses of study can run in the hundreds of dollars per child. This can detract from the quality of life for both the children and the parents.

Finally, homeschooled children now have two relationships with the same authority figure -- parent and teacher. The impact on parent-child relationships can be severe, particularly as children move into adolescence. Parents committed to K-12 homeschooling must be prepared for increased difficulties as they are now having to fulfill multiple roles, and additional conflicts can result.