Is It Necessary to Provide Evidence of Hispanic Heritage When Applying to Scholarships for Hispanics?


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It is necessary to provide evidence of Hispanic heritage when the scholarship is for Hispanics. Minority scholarships in general have this restriction to allow the diversity of college campuses to rise.

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There are many scholarships where being of Hispanic heritage helps students pay for college. The list includes the Edward S. Roth Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship, the Ohio Newspapers Foundation Minority Scholarship, Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grants and the Stan Beck Fellowship. Though the list of scholarships where heritage is a deciding factor in who is eligible is long, the potential payback in applying for these scholarships is large.

However, some scholarships have limitations on what the money can be used for, where the student resides or even what major the money funds. Taking the Edward S. Roth Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship as an example, the money only goes towards paying for books, tuition and other education related fees. This is not money for food, living expenses or for leisure. In addition, the applicant must be going into the manufacturing engineering field, not just engineering or manufacturing.

Continuing with the example, there are other stipulations in who can apply. For the Edward S. Roth scholarship, one restriction is that the applicant must be participating in Co-Op.

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