How Do You Navigate the Online Registration System for Community Colleges?


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Students can navigate the online registration system at a community college by selecting the link on the college website to view the class schedules for the desired semester. Once logged into the college's registration system, students can type in the class number and section or select the class from the drop down menu to add it to the schedule.

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Each community college hosts registration systems that vary, but in most cases, students can log into an online portal that allows them to manage the application process, financial aid documentation and online registration. Students may be designated specific dates on which they can enroll in classes and must make payment arrangements or satisfy any financial holds on their account prior to registering online.

Some institutions host express registration options that allow students to type in the course number or title and register immediately to secure a spot in the class. Other institutions may not allow students to register online until they have met with an academic adviser to approve chosen classes to ensure the courses are in line with the student's major and career goals. An academic adviser can also help students understand which classes transfer to a four-year college or university of their choice.

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