What Are Some Native American Names?


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Examples of Native American names include Itzel, Moema, Naira and Nina. Native American names typically originate from tribes of indigenous peoples from North and South America.

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What Are Some Native American Names?
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Many Native American names have meanings related to the history or concerns of the originating tribe. The name Isi, for example, is a masculine and feminine name meaning "deer" in Chocktaw. Some names, like Hiawatha, refer to historical figures. Hiawatha was a Mohawk leader who united the Iroquois Confederacy in the 16th century, and his name means "one who combs," according to Behind the Name. Other names, like Maquinna, Wapasha and Lalawethika, also refer to tribe leaders from various time periods and areas of North America.

Some Native American names are specifically gendered, like the masculine Mapuche name Antiman or the feminine Tupi name Maiara. Other names, however, have historically been used by both men and women. Such names include the Nahuatl name Citlali, which means "star," or the Chocktaw name Shikoba, meaning "feather." Pronunciations and spellings of names change depending on the tribe or origin and some names have become more or less popular throughout time. The Sioux name Winona, for example, means "firstborn daughter" and has become popular both within and outside the Native American community.

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