What Are Some Native American Boys' Names?


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Native American boys' names include Chayton, Dustu, Elan, Tokala and Shotek. BabyNameGuide.com, AllParenting.com and Top-100-Baby-Names-Search.com provide extensive lists of Native American names for boys. Both BabyNameGuide.com and Top-100-Baby-Names-Search.com provide alphabetical charts displaying baby names and their meanings, origins and gender affiliations.

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According to HistoryInAnHour.com, many Native American tribes have naming ceremonies, which include celebratory meals, dancing, praying and gift-giving. Certain tribes consider a name sacred and keep it private, while others declare names with public announcements. Tribes often hand down names based on a child's characteristics. Some tribes wait until adolescence to name a child based on his experiences. Other tribes change a child's name throughout his life to depict his personality or reflect his accomplishments.

Names in many Native American tribes come from nature. Shotek comes from the Chickasaw tribe and translates to "sky," while Keme is an Algonquian name meaning "thunder." Some Native American children are named for animals; Chayton is a Sioux name meaning "falcon," Dustu is a Cherokee name meaning "spring frog," and Tokala is a Dakota tribe name that translates to "fox." Other Native American names depict actions in the natural world, such as the Hopi name Aponivi, which means "where the wind blows down the gap," and the Miwok name Misu, which means "rippling water."

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