What Are Some Names Used for "grandmother" Around the World?

What Are Some Names Used for "grandmother" Around the World?

There are many forms of the term "grandmother" in the English language including "nanny," "grandma," "gran" or "memaw." There are also many different forms of the term "grandmother" in different languages around the world, such as "nonna" in Italian and "yaya" in Greek.

Grandparents.com provides a list of over 70 names often used for "grandmother" in the English language and others. The site includes categories for grandmother names such as trendy, traditional and playful as well as a comprehensive list of words for "grandmother" in different languages from around the world.

In India, there are Bengali and Urdu versions of the word "grandmother." In Indian culture, the word for "grandmother" varies depending on whether the subject is the child's maternal or paternal grandmother. For example, in Urdu, a maternal grandmother is called "nanni" and a paternal grandmother is called "daadi." This is the same practice used in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Many languages have formal and informal names for "grandmother," similar to the versions of "grandmother" and "grandma" in English. For example, in Polish, the formal term for "grandmother" is "babka" or "babcia," while the informal names include "jaja," "zsa-zsa," "busha" and "gigi." In Spanish, the word for "grandmother" is "abuela," but many use the more familiar version of the word, "abuelita."

Arabic, Vietnamese and Filipino speakers also have informal and formal versions as do Danish, German, Ukranian and Swedish speakers.