What Are the Names of Some Science Textbooks?

What Are the Names of Some Science Textbooks?

Many science textbooks are available, such as "Diversity of Life," "Engineering Design" and "Bring Science Alive!" Other published textbooks are named according to the branch of science on which they focus, including "Earth Science" and "Biology."

"Bring Science Alive!" is an inquiry-based science textbook series geared toward elementary school students. Published by TCI, each textbook in the series provides lessons that correlate with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. Every lesson includes an in-class investigation and customizable assessment.

"Diversity of Life," published by Foss Publishing, is one of a series for middle school students. Modules and courses are tied to the National Science Education Standards. Each lesson offers hands-on experiences for students that teach earth science principles.

"Engineering Design," published by McGraw Hill Education, offers project-based activities and lessons for high school students about engineering. With an emphasis on college and career readiness skills, this textbook integrates technical graphics and the engineering design process. It also includes an accompanying interactive online program.

Pearson Prentice Hall publishes the textbook "Biology," which focuses on biology concepts such as microorganisms, ecology, invertebrates and plants. The company also publishes "Earth Science," which includes lessons about oceanography, meteorology and historical geology. Many teacher resources are available as well, including editable worksheets and downloadable assessments.