What Are Some Names With Religious Meanings?


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Names with religious meanings include Aaron, a Hebrew name meaning exalted and strong, and Isabella, the Jewish form of Elizabeth, meaning beautiful and powerful. Luca is a Christian name that means bringer of light. Amira is a Muslim name that means princess or royalty.

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Popular Biblical names for boys are Isaac, a name from the Old Testament that means "he will laugh", David, the third-most occurring Bible name, which means beloved, and Joseph, a name that means "God will add" or "God will increase".

Some names with religious meanings are patterned after Catholic saints, such as Benedict, the patron saint of farmers, Dominic, the saint of astronomers and scientists, and Saint George, the patron of boy scouts and soldiers. Other religious names of saints include Jude, Lawrence, Justin, and Kevin.

A female Jewish name is Abigail, the third wife of King David as well as the first lady and wife of former president John Adams, which means "source of joy". Male Jewish names include Caleb, meaning faithful and bold in Israel, Eli, which means high and ascended, as well as Samuel, an Old Testament name patterned after the prophet who anointed Saul and David as kings of Israel, that means "asked of God".

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