What Are the Names of Some Colors in Spanish?


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In Spanish, the color blue is "azul," while the color red is "rojo." Yellow is "amarillo," Green is "verde," black is "negro" and white is "blanco." Gray is "gris," while orange is "naranja" and purple is "purpura."

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Navy blue is "azul marino" in Spanish. Cream is "crema," pink is "rosa" and violet is "violeta." Brown is "marron" or "castano," while dark brown is "cafe." Silver is "plateado," and gold is "dorado."

Adding "claro" to a color's name indicates a light shade of that color, while adding "oscuro" to the name indicates a dark shade. Multicolored shades are described as "multicolor." Turquoise is "turqesa."

Two websites offer help for English speakers looking to learn the names of colors in Spanish: Europa-Pages and Enchanted Learning. On the Europa Pages, visitors can click on a video to hear the colors being spoken by a Spanish speaker, and the site contains links to practice exercises for English speakers. On Enchanted Learning, the colors are represented on a color chart, and there are also Spanish and English color patching quiz printouts along with the answers for extra practice learning color names. In addition, Enchanted Learning offers a Spanish and English coloring book printable and color-by-numbers worksheets to reinforce what is learned.

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