How Do You Find a Name Pronunciation Guide?


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Two websites that provide name pronunciation guides are PronounceNames.com and Inogolo.com. Both sites allow users to browse lists of people, places and things or to enter their own search queries.

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How Do You Find a Name Pronunciation Guide?
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ProunounceNames.com is a large and reliable online database of names and their pronunciations by origin. From the website home page you can enter a term in the search box or browse a list by alphabet. For example, select Browse Names from the top right side of the main menu. Select a letter from the alphabet, and select a starting letter and secondary letter. Click next to scroll through the names.

Selecting a name leads to a page that lists the origin and a phonetic pronunciation. The page may also include an audio clip of the name being spoken.

Inogolo.com is another site with a large library of phonetic and audio pronunciations. Use the text box at the top of the page to type in a specific name, place or thing, and click Search Names. Each word has a corresponding landing page with a short description, phonetic spelling and play button. You can also choose Browse Names at the top of the main page to see a complete list of name on Inogolo.com.

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