Is There a Name for "fry Bread" in the Navajo Language?


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The Navajo term for fry bread is "dah díníilghaazh", which roughly translates as "rising bread in bubbling oil." Fry bread is a recipe that originates with the Navajo, although it has gone on to wide popularity with many other indigenous North American groups, especially in the southwest United States.

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The Navajo word for bread is "dah". The adjective "díníilghaazh" refers to the bubbling or rising action of the bread and oil as it is being cooked.

Fry bread is a simple leavened bread recipe developed to make use of the meager supplies given to the Navajo in the wake of their forced removal to reservations. It basically consists of flour and baking powder, with some other ingredients, such as dairy or salt, added depending on availability and personal preference. To turn the raw dough into bread, the dough is fried rather than baked, hence the name, "fry bread."

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