What Is MyON Reader?

myON Reader is a kindergarten through eighth grade literacy program that includes a broad selection of digital books that incorporate multimedia features to get students engaged in reading; it also includes reporting and assessment features so that teachers can keep track of student reading habits and performance over time. Using information about students' interests and reading skills, the program recommends books for students to read on a computer or iPad.

As of 2015, the collection has more than 8,000 non-fiction and fiction books, according to myON's website. There are special materials for students who are developing readers or who speak Spanish as their first language. The program helps readers by allowing them to find out what words mean as they read. A highlighting feature, graphic novels and picture books are also included. There is also a reporting feature that allows educators to see which books students are reading and how much improvement is forecasted for them.

Schools that want to use the program must purchase an annual subscription priced on how many children are enrolled in the specific school district. The subscription price includes access to any new digital books that are added throughout the year.