What Are Some of Myles Munroe's Quotes About Marriage?


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Some of Myles Munroe's quotes about marriage include, "Marriage is two imperfect people committing themselves to a perfect institution, by making perfect vows from imperfect lips before a perfect God," and, "A man leads with his mind while a woman leads with her heart."

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Myles Munroe wrote a book on marriage titled, "The Purpose and Power and Love and Marriage." His words on marriage include, "When trying to communicate with each other, a husband and wife should be careful to make sure their voices and faces agree with their words," and, "Once a man and woman have married, the only thing they should receive from their parents is advice and counsel, and then only when they ask for it. Parents should not offer opinions or advice without being asked."

Myles Munroe also wrote about marriage, "If we get into the habit of thinking of ourselves as always owing a debt of love to our spouses, we will be less inclined to take offense when they say or do something that we do not like," and, "We will never obtain God’s kind of marriage simply by going along with the crowd, doing what everybody else does. We have to dig deep into the heart of God to discover His principles."

Myles Munroe and his wife, Ruth, co-founded the Bahamas Faith Ministries International. They died in a plane crash in 2014. Myles and Ruth were married for 35 years.

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