How Do You Take Music Therapy Courses Online?

How Do You Take Music Therapy Courses Online?

To take online music therapy courses, search for the appropriate courses, apply to the school, register for classes and follow the instructions for the course. Online music therapy courses that have been approved by the American Music Therapy Association may be taken for credit towards a music therapy degree, as of 2015. Online courses approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists may be used for continuing education credit.

Prospective students can follow the steps below to take music therapy courses online.

  1. Search for schools
  2. Search for schools that offer the desired music therapy degree and courses online. For example, sites like the American Music Therapy Association provide a list of schools offering music therapy. Typical online courses include Music Therapy Theory, Music Technology and Music Therapy Research.

  3. Apply to the school
  4. Complete any required applications to the school.

  5. Register for the course
  6. Register for the desired music therapy course and pay tuition before the class begins. Make sure all prerequisites are met. For example, students enrolled in Composition for Music Therapy Practitioners at Colorado State University must be a part of the master's degree program.

  7. Go online to take the course
  8. Follow the instructions provided by the course instructor to go online and complete the course.