What Are Some Multiplication Rhymes?


Multiplication rhymes such as, "a tree on skates fell on the floor, three times eight is 24," help third graders remember math problems. Math rhymes usually pertain to single-digit factors and double-digit products for multiplication under 100. Mnemonic devices rhyme words and follow quick meter to impart multiplication to long-term memory.

Other examples of multiplication rhymes include "a 4x4 is a mean machine, I'm gonna get one when I'm 16," "Six and eight went on a date, they came back as 48," and "eight times eight is 64, shut your mouth and say no more." A total of 21 multiplication rhymes were compiled by Kathi Mitchell's fifth grade class to help younger students learn math skills.

A free rhyming app for smartphones called "HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes" is available on the iTunes store. Using the app, students can test themselves on how fast they answer multiplication questions. The app records fastest times, so students improve with each game.

Common Core standards for third grade math include knowing multiplication and division for numbers up to 100. By the end of third grade, students should be able to use sophisticated strategies to solve multiplication and division problems for single factors and double-digit products.